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1000 masks donated to CPD

How do we get every police officer in every suburb in franklin county a face mask immediately? Seeing officers with no protection standing outside grocery stores, the most dangerous, high traffic areas is a tragedy. Seeing grocery store workers without face masks is equally tragic. Really anyone in public. There is no shortage of masks to make this unfeasable.

Current unallocated stock of non-medical grade 3 ply surgical face masks: 20,000 in Columbus 25,000 US stock from supplier that can arrive within 24 hours 165,000 Arriving Thursday 200,000 Arriving Friday or Monday We could get a mask in the hands of every person without protection still working in critical industries in Columbus within days. This could easily be scaled to a million masks purchased per day and beyond within days as well. There are many parts of the country now starting to mandate face mask usage. Ohio could lead the charge with the lowest infection rates if this takes place rapidly. The only barriers are capital for purchasing and cooperation with distribution. #facemasksforall #ppe #cbus #columbus #dewine #ginther

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