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Facemasks for All’s mission is officially morphing into trying to protect as many people as possible

Facemasks for All’s mission is officially morphing into trying to protect as many people as possible during this pandemic.

With the recent protests that have broken out, the threat of a second wave of infections across the US has never been greater.

We have been setting up every day since the beginning of the protests handing out face masks, and providing a station for people to sanitize their hands free of charge.

The protests have continued to grow in size, and it has made the challenge of keeping everyone safe during the pandemic that is still raging much more difficult.

We want to increase our donation, advocacy, and education efforts to reduce transmissions, and ultimately save more lives. This is disproportionately affecting African Americans with over 30,000 now that have died from Covid-19 in a span of just 4 months.

What we specifically are looking to do is hand out travel size sanitizer bottles to everyone that they can keep with them while they are out and about at any protests. So much food, and odds & ends are being passed around, and there is very little sanitation being offered.

Also, we are trying to pass out more of the 3-ply surgical/procedural masks containing melt blown fabric, 3 layers, and rated at 95%+ filtration. The home made cloth masks, poorly manufactured single layer masks, and bandannas/scarves are all barely better than nothing and offer very little protection. Wearing 1-2 Disposable 3 ply per day, that have testing certificates and rated at least at 95% bfe filtration, is the gold standard in terms of safety for the general public. This is what is done in Asia, and between Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, new infections are 1/30th to 1/120th of the US. China has had no new infections in the last several days with their strict mask mandates and complete abundance of high quality masks.

We are focused specifically on Columbus, OH right now, but want to quickly expand to every major city in Ohio and beyond if possible.

Face masks for all will continue to make donations as well from the proceeds of sales to businesses and individuals, but these proceeds are not nearly enough to cover the donations and efforts that are truly needed.

Facemasks for all supports all sides, all lives, condemns police violence, and is trying to put extra emphasis on helping the African American community with our efforts.

Also, Facemasks for All is providing face masks at cost to any non profits who are in need. For non profit sales, please contact us directly at

Any other PPE including sanitizer, gloves, and thermometers can be ordered from our store at All profits up until now have simply been reinvested in donations, education, advocacy, and lobbying.

Any additional support anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

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