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Q. Can I as an employer mandate face masks?

If you call the Ohio Department of Health, and ask them “Am I as an employer allowed to mandate face masks” more often then not depending on what representative you get they will respond “Yes”.

Q. Can I mandate temperature checks as an employer

On March 18th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recommended all employees have temperatures checked before entering the workplace in order to identify anyone who may be sick with coronavirus.


DeWine said if that’s not possible, that employees check their own temperatures at home before going to work. The state recommended that anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher stay home. We strongly encourage located infrared temperature thermometers and implementing this asap.

Q. What if I am a retailer, and I am concerned about how it will look to my customers?

Sacrificing the health and safety of your employees because it looks bad is simply unethical.

In addition, there are rampant CDC violations occurring everywhere in retail locations. Soon, these will be reported by employees everywhere as awareness is raised. Not protecting your employees is a huge liability risk in the face of rampant CDC violations. Mandating mask wearing on everyone reduces the risk of transmission. 

Q. Doesn't the CDC say that facemasks are ineffective at preventing the spread of Corona?


Any references to suggest not wearing a mask are in references to shortages.

Excerpt from above article:

"An important aspect of this study is that we included respiratory viruses other than influenza. Although these viruses may differ in their relative dependence (accurate quantitation of this relativity is uncertain for the various viruses) on different transmission mechanisms  (i.e., large droplet, aerosol, or fomite), all are transmitted by the  respiratory route. Therefore, face mask use should have some effect on  virus transmission (e.g., interference with hand-nose contact), given  that participants in all arms of the study received the same infection control advice."

Q. Face Masks should only be reserved for medical professionals because of limited supplies

We absolutely think we should support healthcare workers as a top
priority. We are considering selling masks at a profit to the business
sectors, and all profits are used to make donations to healthcare
facilities. The more masks that are on the faces of key transmitters such
as workers in grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, public/private
transport operators, and large scale business operations, the less people
will be heading to the hospital. Also, if you are a healthcare facility and
need non medical grade surgical masks, please let us know and we can
let you know cost options and delivery times.

Q. Can I reuse a facemask?

The CDC indicates when supplies are at crisis levels, reuse is

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