Keeping as many people safe as possible throughout this pandemic.

The story starts with Darryl Tanner, CEO of King Memory.

Darryl was in Tokyo and Taipei at the end of January meeting new suppliers. Darryl saw first hand that everyone was wearing face masks. Absolutely everyone in public, places of business, on mass transit, everywhere. Japan and Taiwan never had a nationwide shut down, and as of June 7th, Taiwan has 443 cases, Japan 17,103, with effectively a trickle of new cases compared to the US. 

Since March 16th, Darryl has been spending considerable time and personal money leveraging his experience building high growth companies with a mission to get face masks to as many people as possible as quickly as he can. After seeing Asia operate with no lockdowns but complete alignment on face masks, it became obvious why Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea had infection rates ranging from 1/30th of the US, to 1/120th of the US. Darryl felt compelled to share this information as broadly as he could to help save lives.

Facemasks for All has both a for profit entity, and a non profit entity. The for profit entity has been funding most of the donations up until now. We also have formed a non profit subsidiary that will use to solicit donations, and obtain masks for only the exact material costs of the items.


Asia vs USA


Facemasks for all has donated roughly 40,000 masks to date, and has distributed roughly 600,000 as of June 7th.

The nationwide protests have started to fuel a second wave of infections, with infection rates climbing again.

Covid-19 is disproportionately affecting the African American community as well. As of June 7th, over 25,000 African American have died of covid-19.

Facemasks for all is shifting its mission to trying to keep as many people as safe as possible during this pandemic.

Since the death of George Floyd, and the protests, facemasks for all has been down at the statehouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio handing out facemasks and sanitizer.

We need the community's help with donations to ensure everyone attending the protests in every major city in Ohio and beyond has access to sanitizer and face masks. We also are trying to educate and advocate best practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We are currently working on an initiative to procure thousands of mini sanitizer bottles for people to carry around at all times that we wish to pass out.

Facemasks for all supports all sides,  all lives, condemns police violence, but is trying to put extra emphasis on helping the African American community with our efforts.

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We envision a trade deal being struck with China for medical supplies at the national level combined with a lot of individualized approaches at the state and local level in unison with rapidly evolving best practice protocols. Governors leading a region by lowest infection rate will oversea regional strategies that then coordinate with the national level. Face masks, following best practices such as social distancing, good hygiene, patient tracing, and adequate testing will all be critical factors in the fight against Corona. 

We are simply trying to make a contribution towards the war effort with what we believe we are very good at; supply chain in a very rapidly evolving, fractured, and fast paced industry.

Core Values

  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Zero Tolerance for Ignorance

  • Extreme Execution