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Open Letter To Governor Dewine

To the Honorable Governor Mike DeWine,

Thank you for the incredible leadership you have demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe your leadership will serve as a model and template for dealing with extreme crisis situations for future generations. Unquestionably, the challenging decisions made by you and your team with little time to contemplate helped save lives, reduce infections throughout Ohio, and bought time to build up infrastructure, PPE and overall preparedness.

There are too many hard decisions to count. One decision seems easier than most and accomplishes the objectives of slowing the spread of the virus and reopening businesses safely: requiring employers to provide facemasks for all employees and take temperature checks. As you know, seven states have taken this small step for a big impact.

Today there is not enough PPE equipment within the state to make this feasible. I am writing to tell you that my Ohio-based company, Facemasks for All, has secured a supply chain of non-surgical masks that can fulfill the need. Our supplier network can produce 14 million surgical masks per day. In addition, there are many other organizations that can assist with this that are providing PPE at scale.

Similar to so many other Ohio business leaders, I stand ready to do whatever I can to help our state, country and world defeat this enemy and establish new standards for public health. Your choice to mandate the use of facemasks stands to be one of the most memorable decisions in the foundation of recovery.

Please have a member of your team contact me if you would like to discuss how Facemasks for All can support your reopening plan.


Darryl Tanner

Chief Executive

Facemasks for All

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